Working from Home during Covid- 19
Working from Home during Covid- 19

Due to the global pandemic Covid-19, all UK employees have been advised that where possible, they should work from home.

Although some employees are used to home working, for some of us this is a new environment and something out of our normal routine.

Whilst working from home, employers still have a Duty Of Care to our employee’s and we want to reiterate that every support during this time will be made available by The HR People.

As working from home can be a lonely place, we would encourage that employers and employees keep lines of communication open.

If anyone has any concerns whilst working from home or needs any support, please advise your employees to follow the below process:

  1. Contact their line manager via phone
  2. If their line manager is unavailable, they should contact their managers manager
  3. If neither is available and you are a client of The HR People, the employees may contact our designated HR line on 01904 909655 (24 hours)

Working from home and being alone can have a detrimental effect to an employees health, and if you have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in place you should provide employees with their details.

All employers and employees will have different routines working from home, some of us sit on the sofa and some of us work from the dining room table, In line with NHS guidelines, The HR People recommends following the below basic process whilst working from home:

  • Start your day, the way you would if you are in the office: Shower, get dressed and have breakfast etc
  • Ensure your working space is free from distraction and everything is set up IT wise.
  • Take regular breaks, stretch your legs and get away from your screen at least for 5 minutes every 2 hours.
  • Ensure you eat and drink as you would if you were in the office, take lunch breaks (ideally away from your laptop) and get some down time
  • Ensure you contact your line manager with regular updates on your wellbeing and how things are going

As Schools are closing on Friday 20th March, we understand some employee’s might have questions on how this impacts their roles and pay during this time.

The ‘normal’ process for a child being off from school would be dependant leave, but each of us has different circumstances.

If you have employees which are affected due to School/Nursery closures we are happy to discuss this with you to assist the business in helping to provide a plan on a case by case basis.

I appreciate this is a situation that we are not used to and fills businesses and employees with uncertainty, we are very much operating as Business As Usual here at The HR People, if you have any concerns.